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Nov 2019

Foreign Education & Employment Seminar

Opportunity to live with jobs in Europe With Education in top countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore Possibility of residence Here it is very lighter in your place, Come on…. ஐரோப்பா நாடுகளில் வேலையுடன் குடியேறும் வாய்ப்பும் Canada, Australia, Singapore போன்று தலை சிறந்த நாடுகளில் கல்வியுடன் குடியேறும் வாய்ப்பும் இதோ மிக இலகுவாக உங்கள் இடத்தில், வாருங்கள்….

Jun 2019

Study Manipal University in Malaysia 18th June

If you are looking forward to continue your higher studies in a fabulous study destination, then Malaysia is the best fit for it. All types of study programs are carried out here at a very affordable price. The best a bout the study atmosphere of this country is, most of the universities provide 100% study…

Dec 2018

Final Call For Feb Intake 2019

Study in Australia Educational Seminar 2018. If you are looking forward to continuing your higher studies in Australia here is the best opportunity to learn about Australia and the education standards provided along with living conditions there. Join our educational seminar on the 15th of December 2018, Get your self assessed free of charge on…

Nov 2018

SCU Spot Admission 2018 Session ii

Southern Cross University Australia is one of the best universities highly recommended for international students, this institution supports students in building a more successful career with relevance to persuaded studies with them. If you are looking at a successful career in the future SCU is worth being at.

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Study Abroad With Ewings

If you are dreaming to continue your higher education in a abroad destination, then we are here to fulfill that desire of yours. Inbox us, Call us on 0117474300. You can also visit us at #32, 4th Florr, Sri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Mandiraya, Havelock Road, Colombo 05. Search us as www.ewingsedu.com

Immigration Related 02 October 2018

Students from some countries use the FTS to transfer the money they must have to support themselves when they study in New Zealand. From 1 October 2018 the scheme will be easier to use. Students from China, India, Philippines and Sri Lanka can use the FTS to transfer funds to an ANZ Bank New Zealand…

Success Stories

I had a keen interest in sound engineering and i was searching a opportunity to go to Australia for my higher studies. And then E Wings foreign education centre was recommended by a friend of mine and then i visited them and the fulfilled my dream and today i am at the Deakin university one of the top institute in Australia.
Sasindu Pallehewa
Australia was my dream destination since childhood, and this was bought into my interest due to positive factors I’ve heard about Australia, But after completing my upper grade education I was wondering how I could get this process done, I started looking for so many agencies and finally I found E Wings, which I felt is the best place from the very first moment I walked in. I was guided in a such professional manner and today I am in Australia with heart felt joy. Thank you so much E Wings.
Banuththara Umeshini
Congratulations on your enrollment to study in Australia Nimesha & Chathura #studyabroad #studyinabroad #studyinaustralia #melbourne #srilanka
Nimesha & Chathura
Congratulations again on your enrollment to study I Australia. #happystudent #studyabroad #studyinaustralia #studyinmelbourne #srilanka #colombo #studentvisa #highereducation
Rusith Kanchana
Congratulations on your enrollment to SEGI Malaysia. #happystudent #studentvisa #studyabroad #studyinmalaysia
Lakshika Kalhari
My requirement was to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business in a foreign country. There were many options available, after doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion that E Wings Foreign Education Centre had earned the name of trust and authenticity as a service provider. I visited them, and was not disappointed. The busy, friendly and stimulating environment was a good experience. I built up my confidence immediately to have them as my counselors for my higher education need. I selected New Zealand as my country of preference and a University as well with the guidance of E Wings. Today I am following the course of my choice in a country that I love all because I chose the right service provider. E Wings Foreign Education Center. I thank them for their care and dedicated service.
Prabash Ranga
New Zealand
Congratulations! and thanks for selecting us to be your dream full filler! #happystudent #studenvisa #hotelmanagement #hospitalitymanagement #studyabroad #studyinsingapore #srilanka #colombo #singapore #education #highereducation #foreigneducation
Supun Nishan

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