About us

E-wings was established with the principal purpose of fulfilling the foreign education dreams of Sri Lanka’s youth. We identified that our country lacked the services of a systematic tertiary education hub that can provide them with reliable information and counselling on foreign education with a collective number of years of experience in career & academic counselling and professional consultancy. E Wings brings career guidance, counselling and placement services for overseas higher education.


To become the preferred tertiary education service provider in Sri Lanka.


Inspiring the Sri Lankan youth with a global educational experience through a variety of course options provided by top universities of the world.

Our Story

E-wings was initiated with the principal purpose of fulfilling the foreign education dreams of the Sri Lankan youth. We identified that our country lacked the services of a systematic tertiary education hub which can provide them with reliable information and counselling on foreign education.

We understand that choosing to study overseas is an important decision that students take as they look ahead towards developing a rewarding career. We will guild you every step of the way. Our counselling team has the required experience, skills, knowledge to assist all those who are seeking to pursue  their dream of overseas education. trained and knowledgeable counselling teams, with a reputation of providing focused and tailored counselling. We are there at every step, guiding and counselling you through the elaborate process -right from choosing your program of interest and the university, the application and visas process, identifying scholarships, to sorting out accommodation and the post-arrival formalities at the destination country.

We are committed and thorough in managing of our program portfolio and selection of international institutions for partnerships. We have also been endorsed by several international organizations, high commissions and educational bodies. We have been organizing education and career fairs and workshops for in partnership with our Partner institutions. Students get the opportunity to meet university representatives and get valuable insight for program selection.

All our students receives a range of training programs, essential for a successful foreign education conducted by an expert panel of E wings lecturers at our state of the art lecture theatres. These programs include General & Business English Classes, IELTS training and Japanese and other native language education. In addition to these we also conduct numerous orientation programs, providing awareness on social behaviors and cultural values unique to the universities and the countries they are planning visit. This enables a smooth transition into foreign university life and the beginning of a truly amazing experience.

Since our inception, we have facilitated admissions for many students in various universities and colleges worldwide. We take great pride in playing a part in creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a global teaming environment becoming the preferred tertiary education services provider in Sri Lanka. This is our vision.

Vindya Dissanayaka

Managing Director

Being employed in the corporate sector for nearly a decade I was in the hunt of figuring out what I could do to empower the younger citizens of my state to reach their dreams overcoming all obstacles. And then I managed to figure out that nearly 50% of today’s youth are looking for higher education opportunities abroad, where they assume they could build a better career in the future by continuing their higher education out of the country. This is where I got my hands on to convert that assumption to a reality emphasizing the opportunities in reading studies abroad.

The concept I picked to cater the industry was Education Wings for foreign education dreamers, and the outcome of this concept was what we are today, known as E Wings Foreign Education Center (PVT) LTD providers of wings for foreign education.

We have being promoting foreign education for nearly 6 years, and have managed to cater all the gaps in the market by being an one stop service center providing educational advice for nearly 13 study destinations in the world, which includes Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan & Korea.

The market analysis we did supported us to strategically address the market gaps and this identification had helped us to climb up the ladder and stand as the only foreign education advisor in the island who can provide and advise of selecting the right study destination considering all key points of our student’s background.

We had built a culture within our organization where we provide quantum value to our student’s dream and guarantee a satisfactory service level with accurate consultancy.


Irasha Dissanayaka

Director Marketing

We E Wings Foreign Education Center (PVT) LTD have been in the foreign education market for nearly 6 years and have been able to stand on the top amongst key players of the industry.

The key success factor of our organization is that we believe in culture and control than working on regulation and control. This directly impacts on our employees who we believe are the key drivers for success. The culture we discuss is about maintaining a friendly and close relationship with our employees in a manner which doesn’t affect work flow of the company and which also supports us to maintain effectiveness.

Elaborating on the strategy behind promoting the foreign education we always believe in identifying and addressing the strategic gaps in the market then plan and execute them while getting self-updated on current trends and tools of marketing. Running relevant researches time to time and then analyzing the gathered date is a key step that we follow to identify, anticipate and satisfy the desires of our students in a socially responsible manner.

The foreign education industry is one of the most engaged platforms that keeps fulfilling at least one individual’s dream of studying abroad on a daily basis, where the entire process involves immense amount of hard work and dedication in the back end before it reaches the stage of final dispatch.

E Wings Foreign Education Center looks forward continuing its contribution to empower the success of the dreamers to succeed in reaching the right study destination along with accurate career guidance.