Population 127 Million (UN 2017)
Capital Tokyo
Largest city Tokyo
National language Japanese
Major religion Shinto,Buddhism
Export goods Motor vehicles 14.9%; iron and steel products 5.4%; semiconductors 5%; auto parts 4.8%; power generating machinery 3.5%; plastic materials 3.3%
Import goods petroleum 16.1%; liquid natural gas 9.1%; clothing 3.8%; semiconductors 3.3%; coal 2.4%; audio and visual apparatus 1.4%
Main industries Motor vehicles electronic equipment machine tools steel nonferrous metals ships chemicals textiles processed foods
Life expectancy 81.9 years (men), 88.8 years (women) (UN)
Currency Japanese yen (¥/JPY)
Area 377,972 km2 (145,936 sq mi) [10] (61st)
International dialing code +81

Why study in Japan?

As one of the advanced economies in the world, Japan continues to lead in many fields, from high-tech industries to the creative and entertainments industries. Japan has over 780 universities, including several that rank amongst the top 200 in the world and offer abundant opportunities to international students to further their education in Japan.

Contrary to common belief, the cost of tertiary education in Japan need not be expensive. This is especially true for national universities where tuition fees are heavily subsidised by the government. This is much lower than universities in developed countries such as USA, UK, Australia and even Singapore. Scholarships and financial aid are also readily available for international students. There are currently over 140,000 international students studying in Japan and the country has set an ambitious target to increase the number to 300,000 by the year 2020.

Following are the degrees and courses Japanese universities are known for:

  • Business Studies
  • Engineering
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Design Management
  • Fashion Design & Merchandising
  • Japanese Language Studies
  • Animation/Illustration

Time of Japan


Waseda Language School


Yokohama International Education Academy


JOTO Japanese Language School

tokyo jp lern

Tokyo Japanese Language Center


Kyoshin Language Academy


Nihon Wellness Sports University