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It is common for students to slip into uncertainty regarding what to do next after the completion of their degrees. If you are also not sure what to do and where to turn for help, our student profiling and education counselling service is your first port of call. Our expert counselors will record your Learning experiences, extracurricular activities, special talents, and academic achievements so far and Lead you to the right career path by helping you in choosing the right course at the right institution. Our admission counselors are well -versed with the admission procedures existing in foreign universities and have the most updated knowledge in the industry. They will guide you in a personalized manner, keeping in view your educational goals, unique requirements, and circumstances and will work out strategies to ensure you get the most from your education overseas.


An admissions counselor will then suggest an appropriate program of study and universities that best meet your educational aspirations. These are based on the initial profiling to give you the best possible career outcome in the future. We take into account various parameters such as previous education qualifications, career aspirations, tuition fees, cost of Living, scholarships, and visa eligibility while preparing the List of universities to maximize the possibility of getting admission offers. Our counselors will also provide information on the demography, climate, people and culture, lifestyles and education systems of different nations across the globe since we realize that education is acquired well in a conducive environment.


Overseas education certainly comes at a cost. Therefore, bagging on a good scholarship or grant can make your foreign studies affordable and enable you to access the best institutions in the world. Based on your academic record and extracurricular achievements, your counselor will help you find scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible for. Our extensive portfolio of partner institutions worldwide makes it possible for us to match your achievements and talent with the appropriate scholarship.


The Ewings team will then help you compile your application and the supporting documents after a thorough review to ensure that all details are accurate. A team of experts will also advise you as you draft the manuscripts that you may be required to do as a part of your application. These can be essays, resumes, purpose statements, recommendation letters etc. Your counselor will then submit your application to the institution of your choice on your behalf. We ensure that the application is filled as early as possible; without waiting for the deadlines.


Once your applications are submitted to the universities, we will constantly monitor the developments in your applications. Our applications team regularly seek updates on the application statuses through our state of the art CRM software at all stages of the application process. You will receive automated and real -time updates right from the submission of the application, to its review and the responses from the universities.


Once your application is accepted, the university may conduct a personal interview to understand your candidature better. In such cases, our subject matter and Language experts will help you prepare for the interview by taking several mock sessions with you. These practice sessions will ensure that you answer all your questions with confidence and clarity.


We also help our students select their accommodation at the university, whether it is on or off campus. Most of our counselors have traveled to and stayed at the universities that we represent and can give you the best advice based on your needs. We realize that many students might be travelling overseas for the first time and most certainly alone for the first time. For such students, we host informative and highly interactive pre-departure orientation events. The aim is to make the students aware of what to expect once they reach their study destination. Pre-departures also help allay parentsโ€™ apprehensions related to the travel and accommodation in a foreign nation.


We have a systematized visa counselling and assistance service to help our students through the visa documentation process to ensure that there are no inadvertent rejections. Our knowledgeable and expert visa team ensures that students are adequately guided about the funds required and documents that need to be collated, based on the requirements of the respective countries.

Success Stories

Rusith Kanchana
Congratulations again on your enrollment to study I Australia. #happystudent #studyabroad #studyinaustralia #studyinmelbourne #srilanka #colombo #studentvisa #highereducation
Banuththara Umeshini
Australia was my dream destination since childhood, and this was bought into my interest due to positive factors I’ve heard about Australia, But after completing my upper grade education I was wondering how I could get this process done, I started looking for so many agencies and finally I found E Wings, which I felt is the best place from the very first moment I walked in. I was guided in a such professional manner and today I am in Australia with heart felt joy. Thank you so much E Wings.
Nimesha & Chathura
Congratulations on your enrollment to study in Australia Nimesha & Chathura #studyabroad #studyinabroad #studyinaustralia #melbourne #srilanka
Sasindu Pallehewa
I had a keen interest in sound engineering and i was searching a opportunity to go to Australia for my higher studies. And then E Wings foreign education centre was recommended by a friend of mine and then i visited them and the fulfilled my dream and today i am at the Deakin university one of the top institute in Australia.
Supun Nishan
Congratulations! and thanks for selecting us to be your dream full filler! #happystudent #studenvisa #hotelmanagement #hospitalitymanagement #studyabroad #studyinsingapore #srilanka #colombo #singapore #education #highereducation #foreigneducation
Prabash Ranga
New Zealand
My requirement was to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business in a foreign country. There were many options available, after doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion that E Wings Foreign Education Centre had earned the name of trust and authenticity as a service provider. I visited them, and was not disappointed. The busy, friendly and stimulating environment was a good experience. I built up my confidence immediately to have them as my counselors for my higher education need. I selected New Zealand as my country of preference and a University as well with the guidance of E Wings. Today I am following the course of my choice in a country that I love all because I chose the right service provider. E Wings Foreign Education Center. I thank them for their care and dedicated service.
Lakshika Kalhari
Congratulations on your enrollment to SEGI Malaysia. #happystudent #studentvisa #studyabroad #studyinmalaysia
Ushani Tharaka
I was looking for a country close to home to complete my Degree in Business Management. Singapore was my choice, and E Wings Foreign Education Centre was my service provider. I have had the best advice given to me and now I am comfortably settled and following the programme of my choice. I thank E Wings Foreign Education Centre for helping me make the right choices in selecting the best. In a consumer oriented environment my advice to all students seeking guidance to their higher education needs, is to choose E Wings Foreign Education Centre as your service and guidance provider.
Amila Hemantha
I have been working in the hospitality industry and I needed to further develop my skill in the same industry. On looking around for an authentic service provider to help me go forward, I was recommended E wings by a colleague. I received the best advice as how and what programme to follow and
the best country to follow it in, within my budget. I selected Singapore as it came highly recommended in the field that I wanted to pursue. All information and support has been provided to me and today I am able to comfortably follow my chosen area of study so that when I complete my programme I wil l be able to have a more rewarding and fulfilling career. I Thank E wings Foreign Education Centre for guiding me and putting me on the right path.
Madusha Thathsara
My chosen area of study for higher education was Mass Communication and I was looking for a country rich in culture and values that were in keeping with our culture and values. As a guidance and service provider E Wings was my choice after much scrutiny. They offer a choice of countries to choose from and an authentic and trusted service. Malaysia was my choice of country for my higher education requirement. The efficient, friendly and outstanding service provided by E Wings cannot be compared. I have recommended E Wings Foreign Education Centre to all my friends and fellow students as a genuine service provider.
Damith Rangana
I was introduced to E wings Foreign Education Centre by a friend. I was pleasantly surprised by the support they were willing to give me so that I can make a smooth transfer to Japan to acquire my Degree in Motor Mechanics. I had all the support I needed in finding a campus, accommodation, employment etc
Isini Sahanya
I have been interested in completing my higher education overseas. Going over the many options offered in print media and electronic media as service providers, I decided to go with E Wings foreign Education Center. I have no regrets, the service that they provide is hands on and met all my requirements. From Japanese Language training to getting all documents sorted to selecting the best University for my education requirements. I will recommend E Wings Foreign Education Center to anybody needing a personal trusted service provider.
Navanjana Prabashini
Since the options for Automobile related programs are limited in Sri Lanka I decided to complete my higher education in an Automobile related field in Japan. I picked E wings Foreign Education Centre out of the many options available. I have to say that I have had the best experience in all dealings with them. My path of higher education was put together with much thought. I personally did not have to do much. Everything was tailor made to my requirements. The path of study, options available, the city of my choice in Japan the accommodation etc. I would recommend E wings Foreign Education Centre to all students looking for a trusted Higher Education service provider.
Uden Drinsle
My vision was to be a Japanese translator, and out of the many service providers that offer services for students going to Japan, I was referred to E Wings Foreign Education by a friend that had a successful experience in completing his Higher Education in Japan. Their Experienced, friendly and helpful team of counselors were successful in getting me the best Language school for my requirement. I confidently recommend E wings Foreign Education Centre to anyone looking for an authentic Higher Education advice provider.
Hirun Rashmika
Robotics was my preference of study. I needed a trusted authentic service provider for my Higher Education needs. E wings Foreign Education Centre was recommended to me by a friend that had used their services for his Higher Education needs. I had the best support in selecting the best option of the University in Japan for my Degree programme. Their efficient and friendly manner gave me the confidence to go ahead with my goal. They work exceptionally hard to support the students get the best form of education, scholarships etc. I recommend E Wings Foreign education Center with much confidence for all your Higher Education requirements.
Mithila Sandaruwan
Japan, was my dream destination to be and live in, and I wanted to qualify myself professionally in Japan, cause my goal was to get settled there. While I was looking for a easy and hazel free way of stepping to Japan, I came across E Wings, whom I would also address as the team of dream full fillers. They supported me so much that by now whatever I am here in Japan is just because of E Wings. Up to this moment if I still have any problem here E Wings makes sure that they are with me. Thank you E Wings


Congratulations to Purni Tishara Hettiarachchi & her husband Prageeth Roshmen Lankapura for granting their visas successfully. She applied for Master of Business Management – CQ University – Melbourne Campus,July 2018 intake. Poorni was graduated from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture. We wish them for their future endeavors.


Congratulations Pasindu Eshan on your enrolment with La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia for Diploma + Bachelors in Civil Engineering.

We wish you all the very best for a successful study period & future career


Another Dream Come True….

Congratulations Dinelka Dananjaya on your enrollment with James Cook University, Townsville, Australia for Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

We wish you all the very best for a successful study period & future career


Congratulations on your success!!!
Our Student Heshan successfully completes their study in the field of BSc Engineering (Hons) in Civil Engineering Manipal International University in Malaysia.

Success Story Of Hansika Madushani

Congratulations on your enrollment to the Southern Cross University, Australia. We wish you all the very best !!!

Happy Students


Educational Benefits

Good quality education is always the keystone on which your decision to study abroad must be based. Studying abroad, you will experience education in a completely new way due to the difference in the systems of education. This can be challenging at first, but it will broaden your mind to new ways of learning and enhance your skills and personality in countless ways.

Enhance Your Language Skills

Whatever you do, you just can’t beat the efficacy of being immersed in a culture when learning a new language. Nothing can make you more confident and fluent in English than negotiating with sellers in a market in Sydney or Auckland, or socialising in a Tokyo cafรฉ. After all, one of the goals of enabling studying abroad is to train future global leaders who have gone through an all-round intercultural development.

A Life-Changing Experience

The overall experience of adapting to a completely new environment and interacting with people from all over the world will help you challenge your boundaries and worldview. It will ultimately help you to grow as a person. You will use your universal outlook to have informed conversations, hone your beliefs, and steer your future, which will widen your prospects both in the personal and professional domain.

Enhance Your Career Opportunities

After finishing your studies abroad, you are equipped with a globally recognised degree, enhanced language skills, a widened perspective on culture, and a willingness to take on new challenges. Whether you choose to stay put and apply for work visas or you decide to return home and seek work, these qualities are looked upon highly by employers worldwide.

See the World

In between lectures and assignments, you will get plenty of time to explore. Whether you are visiting iconic landmarks, trying new cuisines, maybe just sauntering down the cobblestone streets on your way to a local pub, or making friends literally from every part of the world, your stay abroad is bound to make you a true global citizen.